Tri-Glide Systems


These low profile, 3-Point Load Moving Systems are perfect for moving over finished floors. They are currently available in load moving capacities of 6, 12, and 18 tons with additional load capacities coming soon. Choose from Nylon, Polyurethane, or Steel rolls to suit your moving requirements.

Hilman Rollers’ Tri-Glide three-point moving system is designed for moving heavy loads over specially coated floors. It is comprised of a front steering unit and two rear adjustable units. Additional modules can be added to further stabilize large, bulky loads. Hilman Rollers’ Tri-Glide was developed in response to a growing demand for floor protection when moving heavy loads over smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors. Currently available in six, twelve, and eighteen-ton capacities, the Tri-Glide is another safe, efficient, reliable product from the makers of Hilman Rollers.

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